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Wonder of the EU funds
the Regional Exhibition Centre in the Lower Vistula in Tczew was awarded first prize in the first edition of the "Poland getting more beautiful - 7 Wonders of the EU funds"
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The Arts Factory cordially invites you to a historical exhibition "Tczew during the Nazi occupat...
Computer workshops at the Arts Factory
Welcome to the house on 12 Podmurna St. on another historical exhibition showing the life of former ...
We would like to invite you to a historic exhibition "With Forsters and Cook to the World's ...
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Poland getting more beautiful - 7 wonders of the EU fund
first prize in the first edition of the competiton
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Welcome to Arts Factory
Welcome to our website.
My name is Alicja Gajewska and I have the honour and pleasure to be the Director of the Arts Factory, which was established in 2007 as the Regional Exhibition Centre in the Lower Vistula in Tczew.
Our main task is to carry out cultural activities, including the promotion of history and tradition of the region Kociewie and Tczew.
I cordially invite everyone to take advantage of our wide range of programs. You do not only visit the Arts Factory, but you can also take part in art workshops, learn something interesting about Tczew and Kociewie and actively participate in various events.
The Arts Factory is a public object, invariably open to new initiatives. This is a friendly cultural facility, a living institution, where you can commune with art and spend time both in a pleasant and useful way. Please feel invited to visit us. It is also than...
12.03.2013, 10:51
Kociewskie Pen for The Arts Factory
We are pleased to announce that the Arts Factory has been awarded the prestigious Kociewskie Pen 2012. The Jury Awards appreciated our work in the f...
03.10.2012, 08:43
”Computer – my friend”
Computer workshops at the Arts Factory
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