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Tczew’s Denarius of Sambor II

Date of publication: 26.09.2012, 15:25

In 2009 we have established an exceptional distinction – Tczew’s Denarius of Sambor II. We award it to the persons who contribute in a special manner to development of our activity.

Below is the list of hitherto awarded persons:
Denarius no. I Zenon Odya, The Mayor Of The City of Tczew 1994-2010,
Denarius no. II Marian Kamiński, the Director of the Municipal Service Establishment in Tczew,
Denarius no. III Józef Ziółkowski, the chief specialist on museums in the Factory of Arts,
Denarius no. IV Henryk Paner, the Director of the Archaeological Museum in Gdansk,
Denarius no. V Mirosław Fudziński, research worker in Archaeological Museum in Gdansk,
Denarius no. VI Eugenia Pokorska-Sawczuk, the President of the Cooperative Bank in Tczew,
Denarius no. VII Marcjusz Fornalik, the President of the Water and Sewerage Establishment in Tczew.
Denarius no. VIII Rev. Piotr Wysga, Parish Priest of the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Tczew
Denarius no IX Mirosław Pobłocki, The Mayor Of The City of Tczew

Once more we express our hearty thanks.
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