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"In bourgeois house"

Date of publication: 12.03.2013, 10:48

Welcome to the house on 12 Podmurna St. on another historical exhibition showing the life of former inhabitants of Tczew. From Tczew's fisherman's hut, that was exhibited till the end of 2012, we moved to a middle-class house. The theme of the exhibition "In bourgeois house" is a picture of Tczew family, that lived at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This period was characterized by the rapid growth of the city - urban, economic and social. Visitors will be able to learn about the history of the building at 12 Podmurna St. which is a typical example of a "shack", having the characteristic floor plan of the first half of the nineteenth century. In the basement are preserved to this day, open to the public, fragments of fourteenth-century defensive wall. You will also be able to look inside the middle-class kitchen, or listen to the hum of traffic of nineteenth-century Tczew.
The exhibition is the basis for the teaching of the life in Tczew in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
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