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"On the tracks of Tczew's railroad"

Date of publication: 26.09.2012, 13:02

We warmly invite you to the courtyard of the Arts Factory, where we present the exposure " On the tracks of Tczew's railroad" commemorating Tczew's rail traditions. The exhibition was organised in recognition of the achievements, which the Railroad had given to our city, as well as a tribute to one of the most strongly represented professional groups in Tczew. At the exhibition we can see: a historic building typed as "poniatówka", a model of the Tczew Bridge, crane track, trackway with semaphore and switch and the pearl of the exposure - locomotive SM03, which was repaired in a social action by the Tczew railwaymen. You can get into the locomotive and take a close look at the work of the engine driver. You can also receive a commemorative conductor ticket made on the original design of the twentieth century. The exhibition is complemented by the outdoor exhibition presenting stories of Tczew's Railroad.

You are welcome.
The Arts Factory, 30 Stycznia 4 St.
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