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Non-government organizations

Date of publication: 26.09.2012, 15:37

Very important aspect of the Factory of Arts’ activity is cooperation with non-government organizations acting in Tczew and Kociewie. Our renovated buildings constitute a magnificent and original scenery for the actions of environments dealing with promotion of local culture and tradition. Associations, non-government organizations, as well as informal groups acting for the benefit of the inhabitants of our region carry out their ideas and projects there. They widen and make our activity attractive – we have become a place of uncommon meetings, seminars, lectures, conferences, and many other actions from which both Kociewie residents, as well as tourists visiting our region benefit very often.

The following groups act at the Factory of Arts:
Local Tourist Organization “KOCIEWIE” which runs a tourist information centre Tczew’s Land Admirers Association
Kashubian and Pomeranian Federation
Hunting Organization “Szarak”
University of the Third Age
Vistula Tourist and Touring “TRSOW” Club
Common Association “Always Solidary”.
Apart from that we cooperate with:
Tczew’s Voluntary Water Emergency
Tczew’s Cycling Group
Culture House Foundation.
Kashubia and Kociewie “Torpeda” Brass Band and Barbara Świąder’s excellent theatre group „Bad Sisters” also exist at the Factory of Arts.
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